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Santa Writes Back Kit

Santa Writes Back Kit

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Experience the joy of holiday magic with the Santa Writes Back Kit by Mr. Boddington. Start a cherished tradition that will fill the season with wonder and excitement for your child.

What's Inside the Kit:

  • Letterhead for Santa: The included letterhead provides the perfect canvas for your child's heartfelt letter to Santa, filled with holiday wishes and dreams.
  • Envelopes for Correspondence: The kit includes two envelopes—one to send your child's letter to Santa and another self-addressed envelope for Santa's reply, ensuring a magical response.
  • Essential Tools: With a pencil and detailed instructions included, crafting a heartfelt letter becomes a seamless and joyful experience for your child.

Here's why this Santa Writes Back Kit is special:

  • Direct Connection to Santa: Immerse your child in the magic of the season with the opportunity to write directly to Santa, creating cherished memories and fostering holiday excitement.
  • Personalized Response: Receive a personalized typed note back from Santa, adding an extra layer of enchantment and making the season even more special for your little one.
  • Delightfully Old-Fashioned: Embrace the charming tradition of handwritten letters, bringing a touch of nostalgia to the holiday season.
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