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Assorted Farmer Kerri's Winter Veggie Paint Sets

Assorted Farmer Kerri's Winter Veggie Paint Sets

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  •  3 Tins of powder based veggie paints (cabbage green, seaplant blue, beet purple), 1 custom designed paintbrush 
  • Approximately 3oz veggie paint powder per color
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, washable

Directions for use:

  • Mix 1 tsp of veggie paint powder with 2 tsp of water. Let rest for one minute. 
  • Add additional water to meet desired consistency. For thicker finger paint, use less water. For thinner watercolor paint use more water.
  • Store unused mixed paint (covered) in the refrigerator.  Store veggie paint powder in a cool, dry place.

TWEE made veggies F-U-N with our new line of eco-friendly, non-toxic, Farmer Kerri’s Veggie Paints! Using paper, canvas, wood or other surfaces, our TWEE Veggie Paints will inspire your child to create artwork in a vibrant and eco-friendly way!

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